Evergreen hosts GA4LE at Ronald E. McNair Middle School

Recently, we proudly hosted the Georgia Chapter of the Association for Learning Environments, Inc. (GA4LE) at Ronald E. McNair Middle School. GA4LE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving learning environments throughout the state of Georgia, making them an ideal partner for Evergreen.

In October, we partnered with our friends and colleagues at CDH Partners to showcase what we believe the future of educational environments will not only look like but how they will improve student engagement and prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s careers. One of the mindsets that we keep at the forefront when constructing schools is that we are building classrooms and learning environments for careers that don’t even exist yet. In fact, 65% of our future jobs have yet to be created. That’s how quickly the world is moving. And we’re prepared for it.

Throughout our time with GA4LE, we discussed what today’s workforce looks like, what tomorrow’s workforce might be, how classrooms and other environments can foster budding careers and keep students engaged longer, and what stakeholders and community members can expect in schools and spaces in the future.

We showcased ideas like the “living room” concept in which communal spaces allow students to gather together in a comfortable yet inspiring area. We walked throughout the building to give members an idea of how schools are changing. Think maker-spaces, garage-like glass doors that create immediate separate or communal spaces, and classrooms where more tables than desks are prevalent.

It was our honor to showcase our project, Ronald E. McNair Middle School, as a school of the future built with student success and engagement in mind.

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