The Future of Senior Living

Featuring an inside look into Camellia Place: the senior living facility where not a single resident has contracted COVID 19!

20 Minutes Total


After 2020, it is more pertinent than ever to reexamine the way we approach senior living. It’s no secret that senior living took a big hit this past year, and while many facilities continue to face their fair share of trials and tribulations with the virus, our senior living facility, Camellia Place, has managed to maintain zero COVID-19 cases amongst all of their residents. In this webinar we’ll walk you through a case study of Camellia Place as we explain how to replicate our suburban solution.

Join us as we discuss how some of the current challenges the industry is facing are leading to a shift from the apartment to “Big House” model for senior living housing and how this less common approach is helping senior living communities respond to and address quarantining and social isolation without sacrificing the resident’s quality of living.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The robust qualities of the “Big House” model
  • Utilizing building materials in a new and innovative way
  • How to integrate design with patient care
  • Why emphasis on landscape will be critical to resident well-being

Want to visit the senior living facility with zero COVID cases?




Evergreen Construction

Bill McCorkle has worked in the commercial construction industry for more than 30 years for some of the biggest private companies, developers, and public-sector Owners. He has managed nearly a billion dollars of construction projects throughout his career, including senior living housing, hospitality, commercial, religious, education, and industrial facilities. Many of his projects integrate the most innovative design and utilize advanced building materials resulting in industry-recognized projects. His expertise throughout the building process provides his clients with cost-efficient construction and faster speed to market. Bill is a founding partner of Evergreen Construction, formed in 1996 to serve clients in the southeastern United States. Today, he leads a team of over 50 construction professionals who strive to deliver a superior customer experience on every project.



Collins Cooper Carusi Architects

Louise has practiced in the field of Interior Architecture and Design for over 39 years, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Michigan State University. Louise constantly strives to fully understand the needs of each end user throughout the design process, going above and beyond due diligence and programming to provide a truly customized, comfortable space suited for each client’s needs. Her talent and passion for communication is apparent in her strong client and personal relationships, and her comprehensive understanding of the need for clarity and efficiency in the realm of medical interior architecture shines through in her detail-oriented approach.

Louise leads the Collins Cooper Carusi medical studio and applies her vast healthcare experience to oversee the project scheduling and contract matters, participates in internal design discussions and presentations, identifies design opportunities, navigates constraints, and assists with possibilities perhaps not yet explored. Louise is responsible for the comprehensive team organization and work efforts and oversees the work of the teams and ensures an integrated design approach throughout each project.