Evergreen Construction Office Expansion

Here we grow again: Our BIG expansion reveal

Since 1999 our office has been located at 3200 Cobb Galleria Parkway, but it hasn’t always looked the same as it does now. In fact, it’s been through a few major renovations to get us where we are today. And this week, we’re proud to showcase our latest expansion: 1300 square feet of new space along with 1000 square feet of renovated space. Talk about growing! 

When we embarked on the project, we knew we wanted to work with the best and brightest peers in our business. We worked with Collins Cooper Carusi to design the space with the goal of enhancing the work experience at Evergreen to support a work/life balance. Ceilings were raised to 10 feet to provide more natural light, and a number of functional yet mindful spaces were added to our main office. We also engaged our current staff in making some key decisions. Needless to say, it has been fun and exciting to see everyone’s reactions. 

Through our latest renovation and addition, we gained seven additional offices as well as new collaborative studio office spaces. Essentially, this unique area is our intern wing. We’ve always been proud of our internship program. In fact, many of our interns go on to work for us as full-time employees. Ask around, and you might be surprised to hear just how many of our employees have been a part of our ranks since their late teens. 

In addition to these offices, we added a bathroom as well as a dedicated wellness space to foster employee well-being. We have mentioned before that wellness has become more and more important to our office culture over the years. As a multi-functional room, this dedicated space delivers a spot for the physical and mental health of our associates. It provides a tranquil place for employees to go should they need a refresh after a long meeting on site or a place for new moms to pump in peace. The addition of a dedicated wellness center further showcases our commitment to our employees’ overall health. 

This latest addition will allow us even more room to grow in the future. Now that this project has been completed, we’ve already set our sights on what’s next: an open space for the entire company to assemble. Stay tuned.

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