Operation Drone: Meet Our Pilots

If you’ve been following us on social media, you know that we like to publish our drone footage there every so often. To us, it’s fascinating to capture an aerial view of our projects, and to be able to show our clients, team and community a bird’s eye view of what’s happening on the ground. Besides being able to capture photo and video for our clients, drones also enable us to collect real-time data on each project. For example, prior to drones, a team-member would have to physically walk our job sites in order to gather certain measurements or data. While we still do that, we are now able to use our drone footage to fulfill any immediate needs, too. 

What’s more, drone footage can be used before a job is even underway, especially for renovations. Drones are able to maneuver inside buildings with ease, ensuring the safety of the team and stakeholders, as well as capturing any unforeseen issues early on. 

At Evergreen Construction, we have three on-staff, FAA-licensed drone pilots. Okay, fine, these pilots are technically one project manager and two assistant project managers, but it’s much more fun to have the title of pilot, don’t you think? As you’ll see below, each of them take their role very seriously, and they are eager to share a little bit about what they like about drone technology with you today. Meet Dustin Smith, Blake Ashley and Zack DeGrendel.

Dustin Smith, Project Manager

Years of Pilot Experience: 5 years

Current Route: Susan Todd Pearson Middle School

Favorite Aspect of the Job: Flying radio control airplanes and helicopters was a hobby of mine as a kid, so it’s fun to get out to our job sites on clear, sunny afternoons and do some modern day flying. It’s crazy how far drone technology has come in such a short period of time! 

Blake Ashley, Assistant Project Manager

Years of Pilot Experience: 2 years

Current Route: Hendricks Middle School

Favorite Aspect of the Job: I enjoy being able to view the project from a bird’s eye view and watch the progress being made over the course of the project.

Zack DeGrendel, Assistant Project Manager

Years of Pilot Experience: 1 year

Current Route: The Hamilton Hotel

Favorite Aspect of the Job: I love flying the drone around our job sites because you get to so many different aspects of the building construction that you don’t get to see from the ground. I also love flying the drone manually and practicing my skills as a pilot!

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