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Escalating Materials: What you need to know

By Evergreen Construction / March 2021 / Comments Off on Escalating Materials: What you need to know

2020 brought an onslaught of changes in the construction industry. There was a sudden increase of working from home; there were shifts in commercial construction, and there were huge material inflations. COVID-19’s manufacturing delays and personnel shortages were married with an election year to create the perfect storm of material challenges. While these issues might…

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Unexpected Sustainability: Adaptive Reuse

By Evergreen Construction / May 2020 / Comments Off on Unexpected Sustainability: Adaptive Reuse

Sustainability in construction is still something experts in our industry are working to wrap their heads around. Like the rest of the construction field, we’re always looking for ways to be more green with our practices. One of the most popular and innovative ways to put green practices into place is through what’s known as…

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