The Hamilton Curio by Hilton Boutique Hotel

Taking Commercial Parking to New Heights: Robotic Parking

The latest trend in commercial construction takes innovation to new heights: meet robotic parking. These automated parking systems are solving space issues and parking conundrums, particularly in densely populated urban locations such as New York, Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta. Whether mechanical-stacker car lifts, semi-automated lift-slide puzzle parking systems, or fully automated parking systems, these solutions are becoming more and more popular. In fact, we are currently constructing one for our Hamilton Hotel project in Alpharetta. 

How does it work? The automated parking system lifts, slides, and stores cars as needed. Instead of having towering parking garages, drivers park in the lift which stores vehicles horizontally and vertically. Not only is it efficient for drivers, but it’s an efficient use of space, too, especially in places where height or other restrictions are of concern. 

The Hamilton, Hilton’s newest hotel in their Curio collection, is located in downtown Alpharetta adjacent to the City Center. Height restraints implemented by the Downtown Architectural Review Board as well as limited site space made a conventional parking deck unrealistic. The basement, where typical parking solutions for a hotel would be housed, only had room for 30 cars, and with 119 luxury hotel rooms, we knew that we would need a better solution. Not to mention, the City of Alpharetta and Hilton required a minimum of 128 parking spaces. That’s when we turned to a semi-automatic stacked parking system. The Hamilton’s semi-automated parking system is Atlanta’s first indoor semi-automatic stacked parking installation, and we are proud to be the firm to implement it from start to finish!

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