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The way of the future: 3D laser scanning

We live in a world where technology changes almost minute by minute. There is always something being referred to as the “latest and greatest” or the “newest” on the market. At Evergreen Construction, we like to stay ahead of the curve while by being open to innovation. One of the most innovative technologies that we’ve implemented in recent history is 3D laser scanning. Over the course of the past few years, we’ve found it is the one technology that has changed the game for our clients and for our projects. 

One way we utilize 3D laser scanning is during the design phase. At this time, we scan the existing building in its entirety, including the area above the ceiling. The laser scan produces a point cloud that can be imported into the architect’s model. From the scan, we are able to label and trace plumbing pipes, mechanical piping, electrical conduit, and more. 

Another way we utilize 3D laser scanning is to give potential clients an idea of what the construction will look like from start to finish. We can show as-built conditions quickly and efficiently which in the past was a lengthy process which also came with a hefty price tag. Today’s scans are highly accurate, quick and cost-effective which is great news for us and our clients. 

The scan provides accurate, as-built dimensions of the existing structure which enables us to collaborate with the design team, specifically the MEP engineers, to identify infrastructure modifications that may be required. By determining these requirements in the preliminary design stages, we are able to better quantify the associated costs and schedule implications. 

One recent project in which we successfully implemented 3D laser scanning was for Fulton County libraries. Using the technology, we were able to develop precise as-built documentation of an existing facility prior to construction which not only saved us time during construction, it also saved our client’s bottom line. 

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