Trends in Commercial Construction in 2021

With 2020 almost behind us, we’ve set our sights on the future, and what is headed our way in 2021. We already have a few exciting projects in the works, and like many of you, are anxious and excited to see what 2021 will bring to the construction industry. We anticipate seeing a few trends in commercial construction this year that will likely become mainstays in our sector. 

Ramping-Up Last Mile Distribution 

As online shopping grows rapidly, last mile distribution is going to become more and more prevalent in our communities too. Last mile distribution is the carrying of goods from the warehouse to the final delivery consumer. It’s essentially the last leg of an item’s journey. While distribution centers have long been a part of our world, the need for them has continued to grow. Everyone from major online retailers to grocery stores need a distribution center. As our shopping habits shift to be primarily online, these types of structures will become an even bigger part of commercial construction. 

More Flexible Workplace 

While flexible workplaces have been in the works long before the pandemic, COVID-19 taught us to consider flexibility more than ever before. Once upon a time, working at a place like Google, where flexibility was ingrained into the very fibers of the culture as well as the building seemed like an unattainable dream for the average person. Now, businesses of all shapes and sizes are offering flexible workplaces—which is more than just working from home or at a co-working office. Now, these same companies are building their own flexible workspaces as a part of their headquarters. Desks and tables have replaced cubicles, and offices are available for everything from private conversations to team meetings. 

Modular/Off-site Components 

Another trend we will continue to explore in 2021 is modular or off-site construction. In this type of material, a building’s components are built off-site and then brought to the site for installation. Besides being efficient, it’s also a way of ensuring even more safety, especially when it comes to germs. What was once more widely implemented as a part of a pandemic plan might be here to stay. 

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