If we're going to be together for the next few months, we thought you'd like to know what it will be like.

Your new corporate headquarters at Battery Atlanta embodies your Core Values:


What makes Evergreen the right construction partner for your new corporate office? Three words –

Innovate. Educate. Accelerate.

Here's what we mean –

INNOVATE. When you work with us, you will experience a new customer service level and a fresh approach to construction. We push ourselves and our project teams to explore all options, and we leverage technology and tools to make well-informed decisions for the betterment of the project. We promise to be a collaborative team member and to lead discussions that will help push the Papa John’s brand forward with the establishment of your new HQ.

EDUCATE. We realize that when clients hire us for construction, we are the subject matter experts, and it is our job to educate them on the various aspects of their project. Keeping the team informed on how decisions affect the budget and the schedule—being transparent with subcontractor bids, and weighing the pros and cons against material and system alternatives. We promise you will remain informed throughout the build-out of your new HQ and that you will not be confronted with any surprises along the way.

ACCELERATE. It’s true, time is money, and we know your schedule must be met. For over 20 years, we have been the go-to contractor for clients that cannot risk a schedule slip. In fact, each summer, many leading metro Atlanta area school systems entrust us to complete their summer construction programs because they know we will have it done before the kids return to school. We promise we will meet your schedule, no questions asked.

Continuing a tradition of dependable construction services, effective solutions, and top-tier quality. Always.

That’s the Evergreen way and it starts with our people.


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Assistant Superintendent

Innovate & Educate

Like you, we believe in doing the right things the right way all the time and never taking shortcuts.

Here are some of our thoughts for ensuring a successful build for your new headquarters.

Monumental staircase

When organizations choose to locate within a multi-tenant building and occupy multiple floors, we know that connective staircases are more than simply vertical access modes. They become statement pieces and often double as informal collaboration spaces. When we build stairs, and we do on all our projects, there are few items we plan for, such as:

  • Precise field dimensions. We must measure multiple times to ensure the dimensions are precise, so the stair and rails constructed offsite will fit within the exact measurements.
  • Coordination of the stair with the existing structure. Since the stair will be constructed offsite, the stair must be engineered to connect to the existing structure.
  • Coordination of the rails with the stair and existing structure. Since the rails will be constructed offsite, the rails must be engineered to connect to the existing structure and the new stair.
  • Confirmation of overhead clearances at each landing. Precise measurements are critical to ensure that each stair tread and each landing accommodate the proper overhead clear dimensions. 
  • Confirmation of tread and landing finishes and coordinating those materials with local codes and overhead clearances. The thickness of floor tread thicknesses along with the clear overhead dimensions.  The Cobb County Fire Marshal is especially critical of ensuring each stair tread height and width precisely meets local code requirements.  Attached is a photo of a jig our field team built on a recent Cobb County project.  The jig was built in coordination with the Fire Marshal to allow our team to ensure all stairs complied with the Fire Marshal’s requirements.
  • Confirmation of rails heights with local codes. The rail heights must be coordinated with flooring materials to ensure the rails comply with local code heights.
  • Confirmation of stair component lengths to accommodate access to the relevant base building floor. Because the stair must be hoisted to the working floors, the stair components' dimensions and weights must be coordinate to ensure they can be delivered to the working floor either through the freight elevator or the stairs.  The stair can be hoisted into the space through the windows, if neccesary.
  • Coordination with stair and railing subcontractor to ensure the design, fabrication, and installation schedule meets the overall project schedule.

Innovation Kitchen

As a leading food service company, we realize that your new office's kitchen space will be a focal point and gathering spot. Having built many kitchens where Evergreen was responsible for coordinating grease traps, installing ventilation and fire suppression systems, and coordinating equipment installations with our clients, we have learned a thing or two. Looking at your project and your new innovation kitchen, we want to be proactive with the kitchen build and begin discussions with the base building contractor to devise a plan of attack and coordination for items like:

  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) infrastructure to confirm the base building systems can accommodate the kitchen's needs. If plumbing infrastructure is not in place, we will need to address the best way to accommodate electrical service installation, plumbing infrastructure, grease waste lines, grease traps, gas service and other specialty systems that are not typically part of a high-rise buildout.
  • Proper and timely installation of grease duct and roof-top exhaust hoods for kitchen exhaust and make-up air.
  • Proper and timely installation of condensing units and refrigerant piping for coolers and freezers.
  • Coordination of kitchen equipment with MEP to ensure each piece of equipment has the proper MEP infrastructure installed to it (domestic water size and location, sewer waste size and location, gas location and size, electrical voltage and location, and electrical amperage).
  • Coordination of kitchen equipment to ensure finishes are per Papa John’s desires.
  • Coordination of kitchen equipment and cooler and freezer to ensure that all pieces can be accommodated by the freight elevator (most equipment can be broken down into pieces small enough for the elevators, but this must be requested during the design phase and/or submittal review and confirmed prior to delivery).
  • Coordination with kitchen equipment to ensure lead times will accommodate the overall project schedule.

A/V & Media Suite

From true video production greenrooms for colleges and universities to interactive check-in displays for hotels, more and more spaces are integrated with technology and A/V. We are in tune with today’s demands and the crucial need to have proper infrastructure and equipment. With more people now online than in previous years and a large population of digitally native consumers, it is no surprise that Papa John’s International prioritizes both dedicated and flex spaces for conducting interviews, producing new digital content, monitoring social media, and displaying internal/external communications throughout the company. In our experience, there are a few key success factors that result in the seamless build-out of technology-driven spaces:

  • Coordination of electrical infrastructure to ensure adequate power is provided to each piece of equipment.
  • Coordination of infrastructure to accommodate movable equipment.
  • Coordination of mechanical infrastructure to prevent noise pollution during production.
  • Coordination of walls, ceiling, and flooring to eliminate noise pollution from adjacent spaces.
  • Coordination of acoustic wall and ceiling panels to ensure proper acoustics.
  • Scheduling of AV equipment to ensure delivery within the overall project schedule


We understand the importance of acoustics in each space's overall functionality within your new office concept. Some areas are tailored to allow Papa John's team members to focus on individual tasks, some are tailored for collaboration among workgroups, and others for entertaining or training. Each space within the building plays a critical role in the business. Therefore, they must be treated individually to ensure that the overall “feel” of the space is conducive for the expected task.


Evergreen understands that the finishes in an office directly represent the brand and directly contribute to its occupants' energy level, mood, and inspiration. We anticipate a mixture of materials, systems, and equipment will be used to bring the new corporate office to life. After reviewing IA's work portfolio, we know there will be no shortage of unique, high-end interior finishes in the space to help employees focus, collaborate, and innovate. Evergreen has a great deal of experience installing high-end, custom millwork and bringing innovative, one-of-a-kind interior design ideas to life without blowing the budget.


Safety is always a priority on Evergreen’s project sites. We work closely with our third-party safety consultant to ensure that our construction sites meet or exceed all OSHA requirements. We even go a step further by having our safety consultant periodically perform mock-OSHA inspections during the course of construction to make sure all safety and documentation requirements are being met. We look forward to working with Papa John’s and the base building contractor to custom tailor our site-specific safety plan to incorporate all safety requirements for building on an active construction site.



Evergreen places great value on how the built environment impacts its occupants and the world around it. Evergreen has completed several LEED Certified projects by playing a critical role in the process to help those projects meet or exceed their certification goals. Many individuals in our company are LEED accredited professionals. We are well versed in evaluating building systems and components based on life cycle costs and are experienced in installing clean air systems. The sustainability and health of a building is easy to achieve when you have the knowledge and expertise.

Innovate. Educate. Accelerate.

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