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If we're going to be together for the next 12 months, we thought you'd like to know what it will be like.

The INSpace facility will demonstrate your commitment to embracing your  Patient Value Strategy with your employees, by providing them with a healthy and sustainable environment that inspires innovation.

What makes Evergreen the perfect partner to build this with you?

There are several reasons, and they can be summarized in 3 words:

Intention to Detail

Is that a typo?  A missed detail? No, let us explain…

Intention to Detail is a philosophy that intersects human intent with project details. Often confused with its familiar cousin, “Attention to Detail”, Intention means having the end goal and big picture in mind before we start, and making sure we never lose sight of what is important to you. For you, this is more than a building. This is the next step in your evolution and the future of the millions of patients you serve.

So, what do we intend to do for you?

So, what do we intend to do for you?

1. Dedicate our "A Team" to Your Project

The people we have assigned to UCB's project are our most experienced team members who have worked together many times. They will be with you from kick-off through occupancy.



Project Executive | 24 Years at Evergreen



Director of Preconstruction | 23 Years at Evergreen



Project Manager | 6 Years at Evergreen



Director of Field Operations | 24 Years at Evergreen



Preconstruction Manager | 7 Years at Evergreen

William Cherry


Superintendent | 10 years with Evergreen

2. Deliver an affordable, maintainable and sustainable solution

Here are some of our initial ideas:

Alternate Light Fixture Package

Maintain design intent and light levels

Brick Crushing

Crush and process demolished brick for use as fill in lieu of hauling off

Utilize Alternate HVAC Equipment

Maintain efficiency & acoustics

3. Work collaboratively with Collins, Cooper Carusi & Associates

Like we have many times before.

Years working with each other


Construction Dollars Evergreen & CCCA have helped develop in the Metro Atlanta area

Total Projects Evergreen & CCCA have completed together

Click on some of our recent work together and see how these projects are similar to yours!

4. Plan for every detail so we’re not surprised and neither are you.



One of our first priorities upon award will be the completion of the surface parking lot. Since our presence on campus will occupy available parking space, our priority will be to provide the additional parking provided by the surface parking lot and minimize our disruption to campus activities. During construction of the surface parking lot, we will carefully coordinate deliveries of personnel and equipment to ensure we are not utilizing existing parking areas or drive aisles during UCB’s peak usage in the mornings or afternoons. We will also pay particular attention to dust and silt control to ensure the surface parking lot construction does not cause any environmental impacts.


Evergreen will take great care throughout the demolition process to preserve the existing building where intended to remain, salvage elements for re-use, and to maintain the building’s structural integrity. Salvaged brick feature walls are an important architectural component, so we will closely manage the brick removal to ensure these walls can be completed as designed. We are very familiar with the process of selective demolition and we have extensive experience with both temporary and permanent structural support. In fact, we have implemented very similar shoring and underpinning measures on several projects.



Adding an entirely new second floor to an existing building is no easy task and should not be taken lightly. Based on extensive prior experience, Evergreen has grown accustomed to dealing with complicated structural components, both in new construction and as part of building renovations. We recognize the uniqueness of the structural component of this project. Evergreen will work collaboratively with our trade contractors and the design team to properly plan and sequence the addition of the second floor of the building. We will also put an emphasis on the quality of construction of the structural components that will be a visible part of the finished aesthetic.


Evergreen understands that the exterior skin and façade of the building is one of the most important aspects of construction since the building envelope acts as a barrier to the outside elements. Evergreen will work closely with CCCA to review all details relating to the envelope of the building and iron out any potential issues prior to construction. As an added measure, we also have a long history or working with leading 3rd party waterproofing consultants in the area who can help us review any envelope details as necessary to ensure the building is watertight. Our subcontractors have also grown accustomed to this method of construction and have embraced it as a means to ensure less warranty issues as a result of water infiltration.

KSU School of Architecture building exterior at dusk


Evergreen understands that the finishes in a building directly contribute to the energy level, mood, and inspiration of its occupants. The UCB Inspace has no shortage of high end and unique interior finishes to help employees to focus, collaborate, and innovate. Evergreen has a great deal of experience installing high end millwork as well as bringing innovative, one-of-a-kind interior design ideas to life.


We understand the importance that acoustics plays in the overall functionality of each space within the Inspace concept. Some spaces are tailored to allow UCB team members to focus on individual tasks while others are tailored for collaboration among work groups. Each space within the building plays an important role and must be treated individually to ensure that the overall “feel” of the space is conducive for the task performed within that space.



Evergreen places great value on how the built environment impacts its occupants and the world around it. Evergreen has completed several LEED Certified projects; playing a critical role in in the process to help those projects meet or exceed their certification goals. Many individuals in our company are LEED accredited professionals. We are well versed in evaluating building systems and components based on life cycle costs and are also experienced with installing clean air systems. The sustainability and health of a building is easy to achieve when you have the knowledge.

Site Logistics

Evergreen will work closely with UCB to finalize a site logistics plan that meets the needs of the UCB campus employees and visitors, while at the same time ensures proper flow into and out of the jobsite by construction employees and material suppliers. We will also maintain proper separation between our construction project personnel and UCB’s campus operations. Temporary construction fencing and gates with screening will be used to delineate all construction areas and gate guards will be utilized at all construction gates to facilitate traffic flow. Our vast experience ensures that we identify and address any site logistics issues before they become problems.



Evergreen is extremely familiar with working on occupied campuses with strict security measures. Our project staff will take the time to discuss security plans and measures with UCB and your security provider. Great care will be taken to ensure that the integrity of the site is maintained throughout the construction process. Full background checks will be performed on all construction staff and we will adhere to all UCB badging requirements.


Safety is always a priority on all of Evergreen’s project sites. We work closely with our third-party safety consultant to ensure that all construction sites meet or exceed all OSHA requirements. We even go a step further by having our safety consultant perform mock-OSHA inspections periodically during the course of construction to make sure all safety and documentation requirements are being met. We also look forward to working with UCB to custom tailor our site-specific safety plan to incorporate all UCB safety requirements.


5. Perform on schedule

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