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We believe our success is defined by those we surround ourselves with. Evergreen is a place where people enjoy coming to work, and those people are the reason for our continued success. We don’t micromanage, and we don’t ask questions if you need to leave early or come in later. If you have family commitments or an emergency arises, GO! We trust our employees because their consistency and dedication allow us to deliver on our promises time and time again. At Evergreen, you will experience through action what it means to be “A Better Construction Partner.” No one sits in the backseat. You’re a shotgun rider every day, and we strive to provide you with the training and knowledge it takes to move into the driver’s seat.


If you’re seeking a construction internship, Co-op opportunities, or a career in a dynamic, collaborative environment where growth is not just encouraged but expected, we would love to hear from you. Contact our hiring department and be sure to include your resume. If you’re the right fit for us, we just might have a position for you!

Partner With Us

Looking to work with us? We are always looking for new subcontractors to bid on our projects. We’d love to partner with you! Use this as your resource guide to all things Evergreen. Here you’ll find the documents you will need, from pre-qualification forms to sample subcontracts, W9s, and more. Join our superior group of construction partners, and let’s get to work!

Subcontractor Forms


Hunter Letts

Director of Preconstruction


Steve Hall

Florida Operations